Monday, July 9, 2012

2 Year Molars = Ugh...

So, yeah, J has a big ole molar coming in right now. He is a rather moody kid at times anyway, but this took it to a new level. Anytime he wasn't totally distracted, he was not a happy camper. Which means that today was rather tiring.

I know that's part of being a daddy. J has been sick enough during his two short years that I get it. But that doesn't make dealing with it more enjoyable. The distractions do that, but only while they last.

First distraction was the a children's museum. It's a fun, small museum with a variety of rooms. The train room was his favorite of course.

He fell asleep on the way home, but only slept for an hour twenty instead of the usual twoish. Gas and teeth.

After a stroller ride, we met up with Mommy at a playground for a picnic dinner.

All in all, the busy times were great, but the down times were real downers. Hopefully he'll get some sleep tonight. Tomorrow is beach day! (hopefully!)

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