Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 1 -- Is it bad to hope that the little engine can't just once?

We had a busy weekend, so I wanted to start things off slow and easy for the summer. J had no problem with that, as long as slow and easy means reading "The Little Engine That Could" over and over and over again...

The original copyright of the book is 1930, and even though my parents weren't even a thought then, I've known the story for my entire life, I think everyone knows the story, but there are definitely parts that I didn't know before that seem just wrong:
3. Why is it daytime on one side of the mountain but the kids are just waking up on the other side? How big is this mountain anyway? (this observation care of my wife)
2. Why are the jerk trains all male, but the nice ones are female?
1. Really? The train is bringing jack knives? WTF?

Anyway, after nap, J and I met the wifey at work, had an anniversary dinner, and watched a couple of trains. Trains are always fun!

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