Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Today is J's second birthday, so we had a fun day planned out. And it actually worked as planned!

We took a train into Boston, and that alone could have been enough for him. He was totally psyched to be on the train. He's been really into trains recently, from books to toys to the occasional video, and although it wasn't his first train ride, he really got into it today. As soon as the train started to move, he was standing in the seat looking out the window with pure glee on his face!
Train = WHEEEEE!!!
Once off the train, we got on the T (another train!) and went to the Public Gardens. J had a great time on the Swan Boats, Carousel, and riding the duckling statues.
Going around the pond on the Swan Boat

J loved riding on Jack!

Riding a zebra on the carousel
A few observations about the day:

1. The internet failed me for once! -- J loves the book "Make Way for Ducklings," so while at the Swan Boats, we wanted to make sure to go to the famous duckling statues. Those things are not easy to find. I tried to search on my phone "Where are duckling statues in public gardens?" and the location did not show up! So, hopefully this blog will be searchable at some point, and here is the answer: If you are at the Swan Boats facing the pond, turn right, walk under the bridge, and by the time you get to the end of the pond, you will see the ducklings. There. Now everyone knows where the ducklings are!

2. Swans are huge! -- We saw some actual swans in the pond, and they always surprise me how big they are. And how mean they are too! We saw one chase after this small duck around the pond. Do I have to report that as a case of bullying?

3. Carousels are creepy -- I have seen too many crime procedural tv shows where kids are abducted off of a carousel. J had a great time, but I couldn't get any of those scenes out of my head.

Overall it was a great day! Happy birthday to my little boy!

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