Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 3 -- Happy 4th! (Now with added snark!)

**NOTE** I originally had a post yesterday on the fourth, but I forgot to push the save button on my phone and so I lost the post. So there will be two posts today...

**NOTE #2** My wife commented the other day that she was surprised that my blog isn't snarkier. So, not being one to disappoint, there will probably be more snark in future posts. Let me know if it's too much...

So for the Fourth of July yesterday, we decided to go up to the coast with my wife's sister and her family and their friends. Overall it was fun, but there were a few things going through my head as part of it:

Parades -- There need to be two different parades for big holidays like the Fourth or Memorial Day. I know that some people like to watch their neighbors walk around and pull wagons decorated like pirate ships or American flags, but my son really had no interest in that at all. To J, parades are a chance to see trucks, preferably of the fire variety. Unfortunately, we got to the parade a little bit late, so we missed all the fire trucks. I think the parades should either spread out the trucks throughout the route, or the town should just have two separate parades, one for the trucks and one for the homemade floats.

Town Art Festivals -- It was good -- exciting for my son, lots of stuff to walk around and see, overall good... except for the crowds and noise royally freaking my anxiety-ridden dog out .

Fireworks -- I was totally skeptical about the fireworks. I really thought that J would not be into it at all or even be scared by the loud noise. Thankfully, this was not the case, but he definitely was not captivated by the event. Maybe fireworks don't get "magical" until the age of three? Four? He liked it, but no more than he likes other things.

Regardless, it was fun to be up there and hanging out. He got really tired and was not happy by the slow drive home in the rain late at night, but still a fun day.

Waiting for the fireworks (with an obviously tired son)

Watching the fireworks

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