Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Magical Mystery Age of Two

So on Sunday, J turned two. At the early stages of a child's life, there are several "magical ages" where somehow it seems that everything changes literally overnight. Two years old is one of those ages:

Screen time: According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children under the age of two are not supposed to have any screen time. I've looked at some of the studies and they talk about attention issues and they have even said that certain things (Spongebob Squarepants in particular) actually make a child dumber. It all makes sense. Except why does that all change when they turn two? Yeah, I know you're still supposed to limit screen time, but it's not as urgent anymore. Frankly, we actually have had to do some screen time throughout J's life because he has been sick so much, we had to give him his medicine. Especially in the last few months when he was particularly forceful (read: stubborn), that meant turning on a video (Thomas or trucks) so he'd actually take it. We weren't happy that we were doing that, but we didn't have much of a choice. Now, we can be okay with watching videos right?

Peanuts: So I know this one changes as often as I have to change J's diaper, but when he was first born, the rule was that you shouldn't give peanuts to a child under two because of allergen issues. Food is probably the best example of magical mystery ages. Prior to one kids can't have honey. Prior to one they shouldn't have cow's milk. Prior to two they should only drink whole milk. I always thought that every kid was different. How is it possible that every kid's body can suddenly tolerate foods at such specific ages? Regardless, our doctor recommended that because I have severe food allergies, we wait until the magical mystery age of three.

Car seats: The recent recommendation is that kids remain rear-facing in their car seats until the age of two. I know it's safer that way. I know that it saves lives. I know all of these things. But still. J is a big kid and did not do well with the whole rear-facing thing. We gave up on that one at 21 months. But again, why is two so special?

Anyway, I'm happy that J is two years old. No matter what supposedly happens at that magical mystery age, he's a fun kid.

And because the people actually reading this blog probably only care about the pictures, here are some pics of our time today at an indoor playground. Enjoy!

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