Thursday, July 19, 2012


I might have mentioned this before, but J is a HUGE fan of trucks. It's not something we intentionally cultivated. It just happened. He had a book with about 20 pictures of a variety of trucks, and I think that started the whole thing. He started to love the book so I kept reading it to him. That led to changing "Wheels on the Bus" to "Wheels on the Truck" with my wife and I creating a verse for each truck in that picture book.

Now our house is filled to the brim with trucks, truck books and general truck paraphernalia (yeah, we even just got the fork and spoon silverware). I don't necessarily think that being into trucks is a boy thing, but when he lays on the ground watching the wheels turn, yeah, I see a lot more little boys doing that than little girls. It's something that I think J learned from his older cousin, but even without that influence, it would have happened anyway. It really is pretty funny to watch him lay there for a long time just watching the wheel go "round and round."

It's even funnier when he starts singing "Wheels on the Bus" when he's doing it.

Driving the snow plow
So what does all of this have to do with my summer of Daddy Being Daddy? Well yesterday it was "Truck Day" at our town's library. Actually, it was truck day at several town libraries nearby. I think the libraries take a look at the Farmer's Almanac (because really, who else would look at the Farmer's Almanac?), and try to pick the day that they think will be the absolute hottest of the summer. The day when the trucks probably couldn't move if they wanted to because their tires have basically melted into the pavement. Yesterday wasn't the absolute hottest day, but it was pretty close.

J v. the Blade
My wife and I thought J would be so psyched about the trucks that she even worked from home in order to come with us to the library. And he did like it a lot at first. When we got there, the fire truck, snow plow and backhoe loader were all in the parking lot. He loved sitting on the fire truck's bumper and in the cab of the snow plow, but the best part was definitely the snow plow blade. He thought that was amazing.

An immense backhoe loader
Unfortunately, an ambulance and police pick up truck came a little bit later. He liked these in principle, but then kids were allowed to turn on the siren of the police truck. That was not a pleasant experience for J, and at that point he just wanted to go in the library and read. So, Truck Day didn't end great, but I would still rank it positively in the end.

Future fireman?
The other reason why I wanted to bring up J's truck-a-holism is because my wife is right now, as I type, creating the cake for his birthday party this weekend. Of course, I had the "brilliant" idea of suggesting a dump truck cake, and my wife who can't pass up a challenge agreed to this idea and is now trying to make it perfect. It's looking great already (she's just begun), but I can sense a fairly long night ahead of us to make sure that the cake looks just like a dump truck. I'll post pictures of the cake after the party.

The greatest irony of all of this: he's starting to be more into trains than trucks now...

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