Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Two year old birthday parties -- not actually for two year olds

J's birthday party was last Saturday. It's really incredible the effort we go through for a birthday party for a two year old. The planning, the cake, the theme, the cake, the color scheme, the food (not to mention, of course, the cake); hours and hours we spent planning this party...

Ok, my wife spent most of those hours, but I was involved! Especially setting up the house. We had everyone over for the party, and I was trying to set up the backyard just right. This table here, the sit and spin there, the little red car in this spot -- no, wait, I should move it over there. I can't believe how neurotic I was over the whole thing!

Especially considering that a two year old has no concept of a birthday party. In J's mind, there were just a lot of people over, and they all were talking to him. He didn't care about the colors or the food or the toy set up on the lawn. He just wanted to play and do his thing.

But the cake work paid off. He was super psyched about the dump truck cake and didn't even get upset when we cut into it.

Really though, I think parents of young children (myself definitely included), think of their child's birthday as almost a mini wedding. It makes sense in that prior to having kids, that was, for most young couples, the last real party they planned.

Hopefully we learned our lesson now. I think that's why people start really having kids' parties at a party place around the age of three or so. Maybe that's when the parents learn that all the kids care about is playing...

Well, at least he had fun...I think.

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