Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Toddler Olympics

The Olympics are over in London, but I think Rio seriously needs to consider a new sport for 2016. Toddler Olympics.

It's really a simple sport. One I thought of while at my father-in-law's house. Basically, the sport is of the who can last the longest variety. Toddlers of similar age groups (like the weight classifications in wrestling) get in a trampoline. That's it. The last one still moving wins.

I can even already imagine Bob Costas doing the commentary:

"Amazing! Truly spectacular! And to think that this competitor didn't start walking until 13 months! And now, just a mere 10 months later, already competing like a champion. Even if he doesn't medal here, I'm sure his mommy and daddy are quite proud that he made it to this level today."


"Little Janey was the heavy favorite in this year's competition, but we just received word from the medical staff that her two-year molars are starting to break through. The ensuing pain and diarrhea may give her some real trouble this year."

Think about it. They could have some heart-wrenching story about how the child suffered from ear infections and balance was always an issue from a young age. And, if they want to add some real thrill to the whole thing, put a parent right in the middle of the trampoline.

Having been in the middle like that, let me just say, it's HILARIOUS!

So, think about it Rio. Here's your chance to add some real excitement to the games...

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