Monday, September 10, 2012

Kid TV

So my son was sick last week (as I mentioned before), and our unofficial policy is that he gets to watch tv while sick. Two reasons for this:

1. Medication is easier to get in while watching tv ("what's going on on the big shiny screen" *squirt the medicine in the mouth* "hey, keep looking over there!")
2. Even when sick, J just wants to run around which makes all of his lung-based diseases worse. Tv at least gets him seated and quiet (for the most part)

I never really wanted to be the type of father that plops his kid in front of the tv, but for those two reasons, it's kind of necessary. But my problem now is the content of children's shows. Most of them fall into one of two categories:

Thomas & Friends/Curious George type -- The first time you watch one of these types, it seems great. Some type of brightly colored animal/vehicle/kid cavorting and smiling on screen. Fun!

But then you start watching them ad nauseum (and nausea is the key term) and they start getting a bit repetitive. And by a bit, I mean excessively. And by repetitive I mean mind-numbingly repetitive. And the underlying message isn't so good either. The main character does something wrong, gets in trouble, and fixes it.

The fixing it piece is good, but, come on Thomas! Learn from your mistakes! Maybe you shouldn't go down the wrong track EVERY TIME you see something new or get an idea?

Caillou type -- This type of show is a lot more benign because there's almost never any kind of real conflict. Some happy animal/vehicle/kid goes about a day, occasionally having a disagreement, but quickly moving on without a care in the world.

We've particularly been watching Caillou, which again is pretty tame, but I'm just waiting for some real emotion from a character. Once, just once I want the mom or dad to lose it and get upset (nothing too extreme) when Caillou and Rosie are both complaining. Or maybe one of the older siblings of one of Caillou's friends should tell Caillou to quit his whining.

No matter what it is, I think all of these shows, from an adult perspective, get very old and monotonous. Fortunately, J often wants a third option:

Truck videos on YouTube -- these are generally good. Not monotonous, not overly exciting, and as long as you stay away from crashes, usually not objectionable at all.

It does get a bit surreal though when you realize your son now has a preference for Kubota tractors instead of John Deere ones after that 12 minute commercial he just watched. He may not actually understand the content, but he likes the red ones over the green ones...

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