Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sick kid :(

So... in case you were curious, having a sick kid sucks.

I know, major revelation right? But seriously, it really sucks.

J has been sick a lot through his short life. Right now it's pneumonia. Again. For the fourth time.

But I think part of what really sucks about the whole thing is that no matter how well you know your kid, you're never REALLY sure what is wrong or if they are really sick or not. I feel like I know my son pretty well. I've spent the last two summers being home with him full time. I've learned his cues and signs. And I've seen him get sick with pneumonia, coxsackie, pink eye, croup, reflux, ear infections and more. So you'd think that I would have a good sense of when he was sick.

Except I don't.

This time, I knew he had a cold (the gallons of boogers dripping from his nose was a pretty good giveaway on that one). I knew he was also teething again (the two year molars). And that's all I thought it was.

So when he was coughing and sneezing, I thought it was the cold.

When he had a low-grade fever, I thought it was the teething.

When he threw up in the car, I thought it was a combination of the cold mucus and teething saliva.

I didn't really start to get an inkling that it was more than either of those things until I was home with him yesterday. He didn't seem himself and he wasn't getting better. My wife and I both got a feeling that maybe it was pneumonia, and that's what the doctor said, so that was that.

But that's the thing about kids being sick. Everything that I thought that it could be, was totally possible. You never know. I guess that's why you need a good pediatrician.

So, he's getting better now. He's on all the right medication and it seems to be working. And now, maybe, just maybe, I can finally say that sure, I know what pneumonia looks like in my son after the fourth time.

Nah, I'll probably be fooled again. Oh well. At least he's getting better now. :)

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