Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Civic "Doody"!

So we took J to vote today. Actually we took him twice (don't worry, no voter fraud here, we only succeeded once -- although I think that because I'm from Chicago I should be able to vote more...vote early, vote often right?). First we tried to go first thing this morning, but the lines were ridiculous. It was too cold to keep J outside with us, we decided to come back after school today.

I love voting with my son. There's something plain awesome about it. I feel like I'm really helping the next generation and teaching him the value of voting. We go in, I mark the ballot, and he gets a sticker. Who cares if all he wants is the sticker.

I'm going to be watching the results tonight, but today was already a good day just being able to take him in the booth. No matter what happens, I like the idea that maybe this will make sure that he votes the first time he's able to as well!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween is for kids...yeah right

So today is "Halloween" in our town (maybe this year it should be called Hurriween? Hallocane?). My wife made a very cute tractor costume, J was wearing it with overalls and a plaid shirt, we walked halfway down the block, and then he said, "Pick me up!"

Yeah, Halloween is so not for a two year old. The only purpose of mixing Halloween and a toddler (or infant) is for the parents to take pictures (see below).

I'm sure when J is four or five, he's going to love it. But until that happens, he really doesn't care. Two year olds don't need candy (really, for the love of all things good and holy, they don't need ANY candy!!!), and costumes really don't mean anything to them. Frankly, I think J considers himself a farmer 25% of the time anyway.

But for us, it's just fun. Call it nostalgia, call it living vicariously through our offspring, call it just wanting to eat our body weight in candy. Whatever it is, we like Halloween. And someday, in a few years, J will like it too.