Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Civic "Doody"!

So we took J to vote today. Actually we took him twice (don't worry, no voter fraud here, we only succeeded once -- although I think that because I'm from Chicago I should be able to vote more...vote early, vote often right?). First we tried to go first thing this morning, but the lines were ridiculous. It was too cold to keep J outside with us, we decided to come back after school today.

I love voting with my son. There's something plain awesome about it. I feel like I'm really helping the next generation and teaching him the value of voting. We go in, I mark the ballot, and he gets a sticker. Who cares if all he wants is the sticker.

I'm going to be watching the results tonight, but today was already a good day just being able to take him in the booth. No matter what happens, I like the idea that maybe this will make sure that he votes the first time he's able to as well!

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