Thursday, August 22, 2013

Rejoicing My Daughter (Without Neglecting My Son)

My post about my daughter's naming ceremony (and how my son dealt with it) can be found at or by clicking here.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Too Many Resolutions

So the Web site Kveller recently sent out a tweet looking for Rosh Hashannah resolutions. Rosh Hashannah is the Jewish New Year, and as such, they were wondering what resolutions people had thought of making for the new year.

I haven't thought of any.

It's not because I think I'm awesome or anything (if anything, I have the opposite problem). It's more because I never thought of making them before. I always thought that New Year's resolutions were not really a Jewish thing. I mean, aside from the obvious of doing better and being a better person, I didn't think that the typical resolutions (lose weight, exercise, stop some kind of addictive behavior, etc.) were what Jews did. My parents never did it growing up and, as far as I can remember, it was never a topic of conversation at my synagogue.

But now that I've started thinking about it, my problem is that I can't narrow down a list. There are tons of different things that I want to resolve to do over the next year, and with too long of a list, I don't think I'll make much of a dent. But, I guess that leads to my first resolution (and then six more below):

1. Be more positive about what I can do -- Always a tough one for me, but maybe I can try for that this year (which should make the whole list easier)
2. Try to teach my son more Hebrew -- I'm not fluent at all, but I'm trying to get him to learn more (he knows how to count to three, but I think he can do more)
3. Try not to feel too dejected when my wife is the preferred parent
4. Work on my second book -- I'm not expecting to finish it, just get a little further
5. Figure out how to get a better balance of being there for both a needy child and a needy infant
6. Watch my daughter sleep more -- She's still a baby, and although I do this a lot, I feel like I can do it more :)
7. Balance my teaching job, tech responsibilities, after school Hebrew School teaching, tech teaching outside of my school, my relationship with my wife, and my relationship with my kids -- Women aren't the only ones who should be able to have it all!

So there's my top 7 Rosh Hashannah Resolutions. May it be a happy and sweet year for all!