Saturday, March 8, 2014

I love this Tide commercial!

So we were listening to Pandora tonight, and a commercial came on. Normally, we ignore the commercials and wait impatiently for the next song to come on, but I was sitting at the computer when it all happened and I actually watched this whole commercial:

My first thought? YAY!!! This is an amazing commercial!

And this commercial is amazing for so many different reasons. First of all, it's breaking so many gender stereotypes of household cleanser commercials. Normally, you'd have a mother talking about how amazing the detergent is that it can get mud and grass and blood stains out of her "active" boys' clothing. Here, that stereotype is totally turned around by the father saying that he thought he knew stains from growing up with three brothers, but his three girls "make us look like amateurs." Wow, you're kidding me! Girls get dirty too! On the one hand, it's amazing that it took Tide this long to figure that out, but still, well done for joining the present!

More importantly though, I love this commercial because it's a dad actually taking care of the laundry and not being an idiot about it. I mean, for some time now, part of me thought that there was a federal law out there saying that if there is a father in a commercial and it's not about Father's Day, the father has to be clueless, a moron, or both. It's as if someone is getting royalties every time a father does something idiotic in a commercial.

Just to be clear, I'm not looking for a commercial where the mother is the one making the bonehead moves or anything. I just don't like how it's always the father. There was a time when there were no men in these commercials at all. Then the companies decided that if they were going to put a man in the commercial, he was going to be a fumbling idiot because only the wife/mother could truly take care of household issues. Now, maybe we're moving past that era.

I love that there's not a mother anywhere in sight in this commercial! Usually the best you can hope for is that the father does the laundry/dishes/cleaning correctly and the mother of the household gives him a condescending "Atta boy!" look. Here, it's just the father being a father. He's taking care of things around the house. The only hint of stupidity is when he believes for a second that one of his daughters is actually offering to help (and I like to think that it's really just wishful thinking more than stupidity).

So again, to recap, a household goods commercial where it's the girls who make the mess, the father who is taking care of things, no condescension, no stupid dad moves, and a father who is actually capable of being a father. I hope that Proctor & Gamble keeps up this kind of commercial, and that other companies take their lead. I know that it will influence what products I start to buy.

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