Sunday, June 29, 2014

The West Wing clip: "Babies come with hats"

So, I've spent bits of time here and there over the last four years rewatching old West Wing
episodes. I've seen them all many times, but while recovering from
surgery a few years ago, I decided to watch them all again in order. And
then I became a father for the first time. And then three years later a
second time. So it's taken me some time to get through it.

last week I watched the season four finale "25" again, but as a father
it's a totally different experience. If you don't know, this is the
episode where the president's daughter is kidnapped, and the
Communications Director's twins are born.

I'm not really that emotional usually, but there's this one scene (below) which is amazing. It was always amazing, but now that I'm a father, it's so heart-wrenching. The whole episode really is. If you're a parent and you watch this, be prepared to cry (I couldn't find it on YouTube, but I also love the line where Will says, "It's a stunning act of patriotism and a fairly ordinary act of fatherhood." about the president stepping down due to his daughter's kidnapping).

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